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Dig deeper into static site generation with Scully and use the most out of it

In this article about Scully, I will introduce some more advanced features. You will learn how you can setup a custom Markdown module and how you can use AsciiDoc with Scully. I will guide you through the process of how to handle protected routes using a custom route plugin.


Angular 9 ist da! Die wichtigsten Neuerungen im Überblick

Am 6. Februar 2020 wurde bei Google in Kalifornien der "rote Knopf" gedrückt: Das lang erwartete neue Release ist da – die neue Major-Version Angular 9.0! Wir werden Ihnen in diesem Artikel die wichtigsten Neuerungen vorstellen.


Angular: 'Grundlagen, fortgeschrittene Themen und Best Practices – ab Angular 8'

This German Angular book will teach you how to develop modern apps for web and mobile. You will learn about the basic concepts of Angular, the best practices and related tools.

My Projects


vscode-code-review - Create exportable code reviews in vscode

Create exportable code reviews in Visual Studio Code inlcuding automatic file and line references


ngx-semantic-version — An Angular Schematic to enhance your release workflow

Simply add and configure commitlint, husky, commitizen and standard-version for your Angular project by using Angular Schematics

About me

My name is Danny Koppenhagen and I am a passionate software developer and IT consultant. My profession is the development of web applications – especially of single page applications (SPA). My technology stack includes mainly Angular, RxJS, NgRx but also Vue.js and NativeScript. Furthermore I develop Node.js backends based on JavaScript and TypeScript. I am an IT consultant for web-architectures and -frameworks. During the development I am very focussed on the user experience (UX).

I regularly visit the Angular Berlin Meetup and help with the organization of it. Interesting topics around Angular, RxJS, NgRx and other tools are always presented at the Meetup.

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